Rules & Regulations

Please read and make sure you understand the following rules and regulations applying to the Corner House & Memorial Hall

1. No booking shall be confirmed, nor any agreement exist, unless the completed application form and appropriate deposit shall have been presented to the Charlbury Corner House War Memorial Hall Committee (referred to hereinafter as the Committee).

2. The Committee shall always reserve the right to refuse a booking, without being required to give a reason.

3. Bookings are accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Provisional bookings for the next calendar year can be made for consideration at the June Committee meeting, but these will not be confirmed until the September Committee meeting.

4. Where accommodation is required for Public Meetings, Dances, Social Gatherings and similar functions, the Hirers must supply the names signatures and addresses of six adult persons (three, for such events at the Corner House) appointed to act as stewards, to be responsible for orderly conduct and for any damage or loss to the property, furniture or equipment whilst the function is in progress and further to carry out the directions of the Caretaker, or other person so authorised by the Committee. All six stewards must be present at all times at events with a bar and at any other event where the committee feels this is necessary.

5. The Committee reserves the right to appoint a Warden to attend evening events. The charge for the warden will be incurred by the hirer. The duties of the Warden are to ensure that the premses Booking Rules are complied with and that the event finishes on time and quietly.

6. If the premises are intended to be booked for an 18th birthday party, a parent or responsible hirer must attend a committee meeting before the event is booked to reassure the Committee of proper supervision. The Committee reserves the right to appoint a second Warden for the event, the charge to be incurred by the hirer.

7. Hirers cancelling and giving less than 7 days notice shall forfeit the proposed hire charge.

8. By completing the online booking system, all hirers must:

  • Undertake to reimburse or pay to the Committee all costs, charges or expenses which may be incurred by the said Committee as a result or consequence of any damage, injury or loss occasioned in connection with a hiring of the premises.
  • Agree that the decision of the Committee as to the amount of any such costs, charges or expenses shall be final and binding upon the said Hirers.
  • Agree that all persons using the Corner House or the Memorial Hall or any part of those premises and/or facilities on those premises for whatever purpose whether by invitation or otherwise do so at their own risk unless any injury or damage to person or property sustained within the premises and/or facilities was caused by or resulted from negligence or deliberate act of the Committee or Committee members or that of any person for whom they are responsible.
  • Agree that no claim shall be enforceable against the Committee in respect of any injury or damage to person or property unless notice thereof in writing containing full particulars of the claim be delivered to the Committee within 14 days of the occurrence of any accident.
  • agree that no claim can be made against the Committee for loss caused to the Hirer of the premises or any part thereof as a result of failure of heating, lighting or to any cause outside the control of the Committee.
  • Agree to give up a booking if the premises are required for an important meeting. The decision as to what event constitutes an “important meeting” will be taken by the Committee and their decision will be binding.

9. The following regulations have been determined by the Committee:

  • In the case of Dances, there must be no admission or re–admission after 10.30pm.      b)  All music on a Saturday evening event must finish at 11.30pm prompt and the hall must be cleared by 12 midnight.
  • At least two lights must be on at all times during the Dance.
  • Licensees must close down the Bar at least half an hour before the end of the function or by 12 midnight whichever is the earlier time, and remove all remaining alcohol, empty bottles, cans etc. from the hall and bar.

10. Licences

  • It shall be the duty of all applicants to ascertain what licences and consents may be required in respect of a function.
  • All applicants must notify the Committee of the licences and consents which they intend to apply for.
  • It shall be the duty of all applicants to obtain any necessary licences and consents, and the Committee cannot accept any responsibility for the failure of any applicant to obtain the necessary licence and/or consent. Any event at which alcohol will be sold or consumed must have the approval of the Committee, so should be booked well in advance.
  • The Committee may require the applicants to produce forthwith any licence or consent necessary for a function and failure to do so will entitle the Committee or their duly appointed Officer to cancel or terminate the function but all sums payable in respect of the hiring shall still remain due.

11. No decorations, posters, etc. may be stuck, stapled or in any other way attached to the walls. There is a wooden batten which may be used for this purpose. All decorations and litter must be removed by the Hirers immediately following each function.

12. No person shall affix to or place on the premises any flag–pole, advertising board or similar erection unless written permission shall first have been obtained from the Committee.

13. The Premises are covered by a Theatre Licence and Public Entertainments Licence, a copy of which can be seen on request.

14. The Hirer shall not do or suffer to be done in or upon either of the premises or any part or parts thereof any act or thing which may be a nuisance, damage or annoyance to the Committee, occupiers of adjoining premises or which may violate any insurance of either of the premises against fire or otherwise or increase the ordinary premiums thereon and it shall be the duty of the Hirers to acquaint themselves of such policies. In the event of the Hirers wishing to engage in activities which could effect the insurance policy the Committee reserve the right to insist on additional insurance cover being obtained at the expense of the Hirers.

15. No obstruction must be placed in gangways or by the exits.

16. Hirers must ensure that noise is not excessive in the Hall and must take necessary action to reduce it if so requested by the Caretaker or other authorised person.

17. Hirers must ensure that there is no parking in the Hall driveway, “The Bull” car park opposite, or on any adjacent pavements in Browns Lane and that traffic regulations are observed.

18. Hirers must request their patrons to leave the premises in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to cause an annoyance to people living in the neighbourhood of the premises.

19. The maximum number of people permitted to be present on any one occasion in the Memorial Hall is 200 (Main Hall), 60 (Garden Room) or 260 (whole premises). The maximum number of persons using the Morris Room in the Corner House must not exceed 60.

20. There shall be no alterations to any electrical installation and extra lighting, or electrical equipment must not be used in such a manner so as to overload the circuits.

21. All scenery, wings, drapes, etc., whether on the stage, in the auditorium or in any other part of the premises, must be rendered fire resistant and maintained in that manner.

22. The Committee reserves the right to refuse bookings from Hirers who have infringed any of the above regulations.