Renovation Fund

Over the years the Corner House has not been able to raise sufficient funds to allow for regular maintenance which now means that there is a real need to update the building such as improving insulation and heating, improving access (particularly for the disabled) and basics like rewiring which are all urgently required.

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Renovation Fund

The Renovation Fund has been set up to “ring fence” funding for the remedial work so as not to distract from the need to at least cover day to day expenses which is currently not the case.

It is expected that at least £200k will be required over the next few years and that the Renovation Fund will contribute substantially towards this current estimate. Other sources will hopefully be obtained from the various Heritage organisations, the National Lottery etc. Already the Charlbury based Solar Farm have committed to provide substantial funds over the next few years which is very much appreciated.

Jubilee Barn Dances

The Jubilee Barn Dance is the first of many fundraising events where the money raised will go towards the Renovation fund. This event was held on the 4th June 2022 in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. The Charlbury Corner House partnered with the Charlbury Primary School on this occasion and thank them and all our volunteers for all their help! We managed to raise £2923.00! Thank you to all those that supported us.